Cryptocurrency News Roundup: eBay Rumours, Consensus 2019, Binance Back Tomorrow, TRON Co-Founder Quits


I didn’t find just one single meaty topic to get into today so I decided to mop up a lot of little stories which wouldn’t have found a home anywhere else so let’s go ahead and do that.

Michael Terpin Wins One Of His Court Cases

When I first read this headline I thought he had won his case against AT&T for allowing his phone number to be ported without his permission, which lead to hackers getting access to his crypto assets.

Turns out this news story relates to one of the members of the hacking group that carried out the theft.

He won the case against a 21 year old member of the hacking group that carried out the theft and was awarded $75m.

I actually use the Michael Terpin case as an example in my Blockchain Security Essentials course.

If you haven’t taken that course yet please do.

Regarding the story though I don’t know where the case against AT&T is at so if you have any information on that please post it in the comments or mention me on Twitter @ChrisConeyInt.

Carter Thomas Is Back With CoinMastery TV

It’s been 7 months since his last video and I was surprised to see out of the blue a new video from his Coin Mastery TV YouTube channel.

In the intro he does promise to reveal where he has been for the last 7 months but I have yet to go through the whole video.

In any case, nice to have him back because more content gives us more fishing rods in the water to bring more new fish into crypto.

Consensus 2019 Starts Today

Consensus is hosted by and has become the single biggest crypto event of the year in terms of the number of people that attend, how big the event space is and how much it is talked about.

They are expecting 10,000 people and the ticket costs like $2,500 which might sound like they are making a fortune but when you consider it’s hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown, the cost to put this on is likely astronomical.

They normally do a livestream during the event so keep an eye on for that.

Speaking of Consensus, news stories like this are starting to appear…

eBay Rumoured To Start Accepting Crypto Payments

The basis for this is some supposedly ‘leaked’ photos from Consensus:

They show a banner ad on the side of an escalator bearing the eBay logo and the words “Virtual Currency it’s happening on eBay”.

What that means we have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

TRON Is No Longer Decentralized, Co-Founder Admits And Leaves The Project

This was reported by Invest In Blockchain.

Well what does he mean it’s no longer decentralised?

His view is focused on the fact that out of 100b TRON tokens only 8b are voting, leading to that small group of people being able to elect the supernodes.

Being an EOS fanboy the next thing I did was look up the stats on

EOS has 29% of tokens voting right now compared to TRON 8%.

This Chen fellow said that he and co-founder Justin Sun were not able to reconcile their differences in terms of the development direction for TRON so he has left to start “a new TRON” called Volume Network, so look out for that.

Monero Is Now Supported By The Exodus Wallet

If you have never tried the Exodus desktop wallet before I highly recommend you at least have a play with it.

It’s just a really nicely designed, multi currency wallet that anyone can use… and now it supports Monero at long last.

This makes Monero now much more accessible.

Binance Exchange to Resume Deposits and Withdrawals on Tuesday

CZ said that they needed 1 week to complete this security audit, which I had pegged as Tuesday, and looks like that is going to happen on schedule.

I’ve been working on something super exciting that relies on Binance so as soon as they are back online I can finally launch it. Keep an eye out for that announcement from me.

And Finally An Update On The Bitcoin Price

It never ceases to amaze me how people will hear what they want to hear no matter what I actually say.

First, my previous video was titled “Why I’m THINKING About Shorting BTC”.

Second, I gave a precise criteria for entering the trade, when Bitcoin breaks the exponential curve that I showed.

After I published that Bitcoin continued to climb so guess what that means? It didn’t break that exponential curve.

Guess what that means? I haven’t entered the short trade yet but it’s still on the table.

Here’s something else to draw on your chart if you haven’t already.

  • On TradingView, bring up XBT, which is the BitMex chart where BTC trades against USD.
  • Get the Fibonacci retracement tool, turn on magnet mode.
  • Plot the first point at the all time high and plot the second point at the bottom of the market on the 15th of December.

You should get the 23.6% fib level falling right on 7055.

Leave that indicator there and watch how the price interacts with it over the coming days.


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